Eyeglass lenses are not heat resistant

It comes as a surprise for most customers when I tell them that the coating of plastic lenses does not tolerate high temperatures. These warnings should be taken seriously as heat-resistance of coating is only around 140-180 F. The steam that comes from an oven when opening it can already ruin the coating of the […]

Finding out how strong are your previous glasses in a sight test

Every once in a while I meet customers who tell with regret that they couldn’t find the prescription for their current glasses. This is not usually a problem, as the power can be measured with a so called refractive index meter designed particularly for this task. Measuring can pose some problems if we’re dealing with […]

Are contact lenses placed the right way in the package?

I read a topic in a discussion forum where the writer told that she always makes sure that the contact lenses are placed as they originally were placed in the selling package. The writer assumed automatically that contact lenses are always placed in the right way in the package. Many customers visiting our optician store […]

Getting used to eyeglasses or new power

It is quite normal that you need to get used to new glasses or higher power in glasses. How quickly the adjustment takes place depends on the person and it cannot really be predicted in any way. I haven’t noticed that getting used to your first eyeglasses is any easier that getting used to new […]

Eye glasses, make-up and make-up glasses

The effect that plus and minus glasses have on the eye is an issue that we often discuss especially with female customers who are getting their first eye glasses. I try to tell them how plus or minus glasses should be taken into account when doing the make-up. Plus glasses and make-up Plus glasses make […]

Which contact lens brand is the best?

People often ask on discussion forums what the best contact lens brand is, and this question also comes up in optician stores quite regularly. I cannot recommend any one brand over another. People are individuals and what fits to the other doesn’t fit at all to another. The way people wear contact lenses, power of […]

Does an optician visit optician’s?

Every once in a while I meet customers who come to the store and tell what prescription their glasses should be, or that they want particular contact lenses. When I ask for prescription, they tell that it’s not needed as they know exactly what kind of glasses are needed. For example, old glasses seem too […]

Changing new lenses to old frames

Sometimes, changing new lenses to old eyeglass frames might be a good solution. For example, sight test results may show that there is change only in the other eye and the other lens would still work just fine. It might also be the case that the other lens is so scratched that it blurs the […]

Sight test on the Internet – can you trust the results?

You can find almost anything on the Internet, including all kinds of sight tests, even on the pages of optician stores. Testing your vision on the Internet might be fun and easy, but you shouldn’t take the results too seriously. For example, tests that measure your field of vision must be performed accurately to get […]

Can you cheat in a sight test?

I decided to write about this topic after reading a web discussion on whether you can cheat in a sight test by wearing your contact lenses during the test. The discussion brought to my mind a story of a man with poor vision who passed his driver’s license test by learning the sight test board […]

What kind of sunglasses you need when driving a car?

When you are selecting sun glasses suitable for driving a vehicle, you need to take into consideration few important things. These issues apply both to sunglasses with and without prescription. I have noticed that people often wear sunglasses with wide ear pieces when driving a vehicle. These are not the best option, as the ear […]

Polaroid Suncovers – sunglasses on top of eyeglasses

Polaroid Suncovers are sunglasses that you wear on top of your eyeglasses. Suncovers look almost like normal sunglasses, but you wear them on top your eyeglasses. When I first heard about this product, I was very suspicious and I wasn’t convinced even when I saw pictures. The idea of wearing two glasses simultaneously on top […]

Glasses for golf

In golf, you need to have good co-operation of the hand and eyes and good eye sight. You also need to be able to evaluate distances, and be able to observe the edges of your field of vision. A golf player should be able to see as well as possible to different distances: about three […]

What to do if child refuses to wear glasses?

There may be situations when a child simply refuses to wear glasses. There is no one correct solution on how to solve this kind of situation. The optician can act as a support in the situation, but the parents’ role is crucial. Small children are usually easier Usually, small children adapt to using glasses very […]

Contact lenses and make-up

When I advise customers on the use of contact lenses, I also tell them how contact lenses should be taken into account when doing a make-up. The basic rule is that you need to put the contact lenses on before starting to create the make-up and take them off before washing the make-up off. When […]

At what age can one start using contact lenses?

An issue that is discussed in many families is at what age children can start wearing contact lenses. An optician is often consulted on this issue as well. I think that there isn’t any certain age when you can start wearing contact lenses, but it depends on the person. What is important is that the […]

Selecting eyeglass frames – how to cover or highlight your features?

With eyeglass frames, it’s possible to either cover or highlight your facial features. At its best, the right kind of frames can work as a face lift. In addition to the shape and size of your face, your skin tone and hair color also affect the selection of frames. In this article, you find general […]

Eyeglasses without power, in other words fake glasses

Every now and then a customer wants glasses without power, just for the fun of it. One reason to get these kinds of glasses is that they can be an important element in creating a certain look. On the other hand, for some people, glasses give for example authority. It’s absolutely possibly to get glasses […]

Buying contact lenses from online auction – watch out for used lenses

It came as a surprise for me that people sell contact lenses in online auctions. This seems to be rather common, as for example, in a Finnish online auction store, there are more than 100 sales ads for contact lenses. The reason why contact lenses are sold in online auctions is probably that the power […]

Plastic lenses and glass lenses

Eyeglass lenses can be divided into two groups based on the material used in them: plastic lenses and glass lenses. The more common material today is plastic. In Finland, over 95 percent of all sold eyeglasses are equipped with plastic lenses. [ad#piilarit] Plastic lenses Lightness and shock resistance are the advantages of plastic lenses. The disadvantage […]

Wearing two pairs of contact lenses simultaneously – not a good idea

I was really surprised when I read from a discussion forum that some people wear two pairs of contact lenses simultaneously. First, they wear contact lenses with prescription and on top of them colored lenses or crazy lenses. This idea seems so ridiculous that I’m not sure if I even believe it. I’m sure that […]

What is the correct power for your glasses

Customers often wonder what is the correct power for their glasses. Some people avoid going to an optician or an eye specialist because they are afraid that they need to get eyeglasses. Neither an optician, nor an eye specialist can force you to get glasses, so there’s no need to worry. They may recommend you […]

About pregnancy, contact lenses and vision in general

Based on what customers have told me, and also my own experience, even though pregnancy affects eyes and vision a lot, these effects are rarely discussed in maternity clinics . Changes on vision caused by pregnancy are usually only temporary. In rare cases, the changes can, however, be permanent. It depends on the individual how […]

Using contact lenses when you have a flu

You should avoid wearing contact lenses when you have flu or another infection, as this greatly increases the risk of having an eye infection. As you may have noticed, also eyes get infected when you have flu. This is because eyes, nose, pharynx and ears are all connected. For example, a flu virus can travel […]

Scratches in eyeglass lenses

Customers regularly come and ask me what to do if they have scratched the lenses of their eyeglasses, or the coating of the lenses has damaged. Unfortunately, there’s no way of fixing scratched lenses, so the only option is to get new lenses. Refining is sometimes suggested as a fix, but this is not a […]

Why should a child have quality sunglasses?

Parents shouldn’t save money by not buying sunglasses for their children. In the worst case, the child does not have sunglasses at all, or glasses are the cheapest possible option without a proper protection for ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Some parents are simply not aware how important sunglasses are for their children’s eyes, whereas some parents […]

Wearing contact lenses for a particular occasion, such as wedding

I regularly have customers who want to acquire contact lenses for a particular occasion. Often this occasion is wedding, but sometimes customers need contact lenses for other parties, or commercial shootings as well. Even if it’s only one occasion, you need to try out the lenses beforehand to ensure that they fit. You shouldn’t leave […]

Using sunglasses with contact lenses

Some people have been asking if it’s okay to wear contact lenses with sunglasses. Such an obvious thing may not be that obvious to everyone after all. Contact lenses can and should be worn with sunglasses. As the contact lenses fix the vision, power is no longer needed in sunglasses. There is no problem in […]

Dry eyes and contact lenses

There is a lot of discussion going on about dry eyes and the use of contact lenses. Dry eyes prevent customers using contact lenses as much as they would like to. For this reason, some of them have even had to stop wearing contact lenses. When lacrimal glands do not secrete enough lacrimal fluid, or […]

Leave adjusting of eyeglasses to a professional

Common problems for all those who have eyeglasses are that the nose piece feels uncomfortable, or that eye glasses slip down your nose. These problems are easy to fix by adjusting eyeglasses, assuming that suitable frames were chosen in the first place. However, you should leave adjusting to be done in an optician store. If […]