At what age can one start using contact lenses?

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An issue that is discussed in many families is at what age children can start wearing contact lenses. An optician is often consulted on this issue as well.

I think that there isn’t any certain age when you can start wearing contact lenses, but it depends on the person. What is important is that the young can take care of the lenses independently and understands the importance of good hygiene.

When young customers come to an optician’s store to ask about contact lenses, I evaluate if they are capable of taking care of the lenses. Of course the opinions of the parents and an eye doctor are taken into account as well.

The youngest customers that have tested contact lens with me have been 12-13 years of age. Usually, the age to start wearing contact lenses is about 15 years.


Contact lenses cannot be the only option

In my opintion, especially when a young customer is in question, contact lenses cannot be the only option to improve the eye sight. As the young, and the eyes, are still growing and developing, contact lenses are only suitable for occasional use. For example, contact lenses may be needed in some sports where it is impossible to wear eye glasses. The best option for the young customer are disposable lenses that do not have to be cleaned.

Remember regular control visits

The young often come to see an optician only when they already have problems with their lenses or vision. In addition, many youngsters have incorrect information on wearing and cleaning lenses.

I always higlight to the young customers the importance of regular visits to optician to check the contact lenses when they start the use. It important to check the condition of the eyes and how they adapt to the contact lenses regularly, and this way possible changes can also be noted in time.

Parents need to control their children

Parents play an important role in their children’s use of contact lenses. Even though the young should take care of the lenses independently, the parents should follow how much their children use the contact lenses. Many young use contact lenses excessively if the parents do not watch out for that.

Unfortunately not all the parents do this, and some don’t even understand the importance of regular checks at the optician’s. At worst, parents order the lenses from the internet and are confused if the young is asked to come to a regular check at the optician’s.

Contact lenses are only for personal use

One thing that cannot be reminded enough is the fact that contact lenses are meant for personal use only. They must not ever be borrowed to a friend. Too often I hear that someone has tried on a friend’s contact lenses or used someone else’s contact lens case.

Please note that the advice and tips given in this blog are based on Finnish regulations and laws. Therefore, you need to verify the regulations and laws in your country from your own optician, optometrist or eye specialist.

Tilaa piilolinssit tai aurinkolasit Lensonilta

Nopea toimitus - Aina edulliset hinnat - Ilmainen palautus

Tilaa nyt Lensonilta

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