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Sometimes, changing new lenses to old eyeglass frames might be a good solution. For example, sight test results may show that there is change only in the other eye and the other lens would still work just fine.

It might also be the case that the other lens is so scratched that it blurs the vision.

Changing lenses to old frames in poor condition is not worth the effort

First of all, you need to evaluate the condition of your frames. If the frames are as good as new, it is possible to change only one lens.

You should note that changing a new lens to old frames happens in most optician stores on the customer’s own responsibility. This means that if the frame happens to break while changing the lens the store does not compensate the damage. The reason for this is that old frames might have fractures that cannot be seen from the outside, but might lead the frames to break when changing the lens.


Is changing only one lens reasonable?

If you want to have a new lens in your old frames, you need to know what kind of material are the lenses made of and what kind of coating is used in them. For example, when changing a lens to bifocal eyeglasses, in order to guarantee that you can see well, the new lens must be of same brand as the old one and it needs to have similar optics.

If the old lens is colored it darkens in sunlight, the shade of color of the lens may not necessarily match the original. In that case, you need to have both lenses changed.

Another issue you may come across is that if you go to different optician store than where you bought the original lenses, the store may not necessarily be able to acquire exactly the same lens type as the old one.

Changing a lens can take time

As a customer, you need to be prepared that changing a lens can take quite a while. If the glasses are your only pair, it can be a problem to manage without them.

Grinding can take days, or at worst weeks, in a store where there is no facilities to do this. The store may need to send the lenses to their central workshop which may be located in a different country. This is why stores are not necessarily willing to change new lenses to old frames.

If you need glasses in your daily life, you should select an optician store with a workshop. In that case, changing a lens does not necessarily take more than an hour.

How much does it cost to change lenses?

Unfortunately I cannot tell how much it costs to change lenses in different stores. It might cost as much as buying new glasses.

Consider also that optician stores often have discounts that only apply to new glasses.

In order to find out the costs, just ask about it when you go to an optician store to check new lenses.

Old lenses to old frames

Sometimes I meet customers who want to change old lenses to another pair of old frames. This can be possible in some stores that still have own workshops, but getting the optics right is another issue. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Please note that the advice and tips given in this blog are based on Finnish regulations and laws. Therefore, you need to verify the regulations and laws in your country from your own optician, optometrist or eye specialist.

Tilaa piilolinssit tai aurinkolasit Lensonilta

Nopea toimitus - Aina edulliset hinnat - Ilmainen palautus

Tilaa nyt Lensonilta

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