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It is quite normal that you need to get used to new glasses or higher power in glasses. How quickly the adjustment takes place depends on the person and it cannot really be predicted in any way. I haven’t noticed that getting used to your first eyeglasses is any easier that getting used to new power in the glasses. Getting used to glasses in general requires some effort of course.


New glasses can cause many symptoms

The vision with new glasses may feel weird and awkward at first. A picture may seem blurry or straight lines look oblique. The eyes may also get tired and when reading, you may need to look at the text from a different distance than before. You may also experience headache. All in all, the symptoms may vary a lot. Once you get used to the new glasses, the symptoms should go away.

Unifocal lenses are easier to get used to

Usually, it is easier to get used to unifocal lenses, in about a week. With multifocal, bifocal and special glasses, it may take even more than two weeks before you get used to them.

However, the above-mentioned times are not universal truths. Your vision may also adjust to new glasses faster without any weird sensations.

You should also bear in mind that even if your prescription hasn’t changed, you may need to adjust to new lens type or material.

The amount of change does not affect adjusting

You may think that only big changes in prescription require adjusting, but this isn’t the case. Sometimes it seems that customers adjust to big changes rather fast and easily. This is probably because they see much better with the new glasses compared to the old ones.

Sometimes only slight changes require long adjustment, so you cannot really ever tell how the change affects you.

New frames may also require adjustment

Even if the lenses stay the same, new frames may also require adjustment. New frames that limit your vision differently from the old frames or the way the frames sit on your face require adjusting. If the new glasses are heavier than the old glasses, you may have unusual sensations as well.

You may need to pay several visits to an optician’s store to make sure that your new glasses fit well.

You cannot get used to new glasses unless you wear them

In the adjustment phase, it is important that you wear the new glasses, even though it would cause weird sensations. If you do not wear the glasses long enough periods of time, you will never get used to them.

My advice to the customers is that they should only wear the new pair in the adjustment phase and put the old ones aside.

What if you don’t get used to new glasses?

If the new glasses do not feel any better in a week or two, you should contact the store where you bought the glasses. The optician can ensure that your prescription is correct and that the glasses are manufactured according to it. In addition, it can be ensured that the optical measures of the glasses are correct and that they sit well on you.

If one of the above-mentioned issues is not in order, it may affect the vision.

If you have problem with your glasses, you should always contact an optician. Unfortunately customers often tell me that they haven’t been able to use their previous glasses at all. When I ask about it, it turns out that they haven’t even made reclamation about it.

Therefore, you should always contact the optician’s store if you have problem with the glasses they have sold you. It also benefits the store if the customers are happy with their new glasses.

Please note that the advice and tips given in this blog are based on Finnish regulations and laws. Therefore, you need to verify the regulations and laws in your country from your own optician, optometrist or eye specialist.


Tilaa piilolinssit tai aurinkolasit Lensonilta

Nopea toimitus - Aina edulliset hinnat - Ilmainen palautus

Tilaa nyt Lensonilta

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