Scratches in eyeglass lenses

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Customers regularly come and ask me what to do if they have scratched the lenses of their eyeglasses, or the coating of the lenses has damaged. Unfortunately, there’s no way of fixing scratched lenses, so the only option is to get new lenses.

Refining is sometimes suggested as a fix, but this is not a good option as refining changes the power of the lenses. Refining is also very expensive and technically difficult to implement.

Damaged coating cannot be renewed either. The heat usually destroys the coating of the lenses.

As I recall it, 10 years ago some lens manufacturers still made so called coating removals. This was performed only on customer’s own responsibility, because it was possible that the coating would become totally useless in the process. Nowadays, I don’t think that any manufacturer performs these removals.

Because of all the above mentioned reasons, it is important to store and handle glasses in such a way that they stay undamaged. Based on my experience, the damage is usually done by storing the glasses in the pocket without the case, or by wiping them without washing fluid on the hem of you shirt.

Every once in a while, I meet someone who has decided to refine the lenses by himself, with sand paper, for example. After this kind of treatment, the lenses sure look interesting and are absolutely useless.

Please note that the advice and tips given in this blog are based on Finnish regulations and laws. Therefore, you need to verify the regulations and laws in your country from your own optician, optometrist or eye specialist.

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