Wearing contact lenses for a particular occasion, such as wedding

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I regularly have customers who want to acquire contact lenses for a particular occasion. Often this occasion is wedding, but sometimes customers need contact lenses for other parties, or commercial shootings as well.

Even if it’s only one occasion, you need to try out the lenses beforehand to ensure that they fit. You shouldn’t leave this to last minute either, as it might be possible that there are no lenses in the stock, but they have to be ordered.


Contact lenses for a wedding or other party

In an intense occasion, such as wedding, it’s possible that you wear contact lenses the entire day. In such case, it’s possible that the lenses at some point start to irritate the eye and cause eyes to dry so that you are forced to take them off. Contact lenses can also cause red eyes, which isn’t nice in your wedding where you want to look your best.

You should try already beforehand how to put the contact lenses in place, and how to take them off.

One thing to consider is if you want to look like you in your wedding portrait. If you normally always wear glasses, you may look “strange” with contact lenses.

The use of contact lenses cannot be taught over phone

When it comes to commercial shooting, I’ve had cases when a director has come up that the model needs to wear crazy lenses, for example. After the great idea, the assistant may be sent to the store to get them and only after this they may notice that the model needs to try the lenses on herself. The model might need assistance on how to put the lenses in the eye, to begin with.

The funniest case I’ve come across with is that I had a phone call on how to wear contact lenses. Contact lenses were ordered over the internet for a commercial shooting, and in the actual shooting, they had discovered that the model had never worn contact lenses. They said that the schedule was so tight that there was no time for use guidance. The shooting was to take place on the next day across Finland and the model was supposed to come straight to the shooting.

I recommended them to turn to the optician store serving on the city where the shooting was to take place.

Please note that the advice and tips given in this blog are based on Finnish regulations and laws. Therefore, you need to verify the regulations and laws in your country from your own optician, optometrist or eye specialist.

Tilaa piilolinssit tai aurinkolasit Lensonilta

Nopea toimitus - Aina edulliset hinnat - Ilmainen palautus

Tilaa nyt Lensonilta

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